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Milanté BEAUTY

Super Strip Lashbond Eyelash Glue

$ 7.99

A must have for your eyelash application. Specially formulated to use with Milanté Lashes. Say goodbye to messy glue spills! Our lash adhesive comes with its own unique bottle with ultra-thin brush for easy and precise application. Formulated for STRONG hold and LONG lasting wear, your falsies will stay on securely all day. Perfect for latex sensitive and contact wearing individuals.

  • Latex-Free
  • Formaldehyde, Paraben & Phthalate Free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Dermatologist tested
  • White dries Clear
  • 5ml bottle
  • Ingredients: Acrylate/ Ethylhexyl


  1. Apply one coat of adhesive to lash band and allow the glue to become tacky. Apply a second coat and allow to become tacky again. Two generous coats of glue will ensure strong all day hold.
  2. Position lash slightly above natural lash line, beginning at the inside corner of eye. Press gently across entire lash. Do not glue strip lashes to your actual lashes

If you have difficulties applying lashes we highly recommend our Crystaluxe Lash Applicatorfor fast, easy and precise application every time.


Super Strip Lashbond has a very strong hold and will keep your lashes on all day. When ready to remove your lashes please follow directions below to avoid pulling off your own precious lashes or damaging your strip lashes in the process:

  1. Apply oil free makeup remover with Q-tip on lash line and allow a few seconds for the glue to loosen up.
  2. Gently remove lashes. 
  3. Clean lash strips with Q-tip and oil free makeup remover.  Oil free makeup remover will easily loosen up the glue from the lashband.  Do not soak lashes in water, makeup remover or alcohol. 
  4. If there is some glue residue left on your lashes, simply apply more oil free makeup remover or coconut oil to clean the glue off your lashes.


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