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Milanté BEAUTY


$ 5.99

Why wear the same falsies as everyone else? Milanté Frisky Falsies are spiky, moderately length and add moderate to full volume. Whether you go for natural and elegant or irresistible and provocative these lashes are the best companions for an unforgettable glance. Ideal for regular wear or special occasion.


  • Handcrafted from 100% sterilized vegan human hair
  • Free from any chemical processing or dyes
  • Not tested on animals
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Suitable for all eye shapes
  • Lightweight, easy to apply and wear
  • Color Black
  • Flexible Invisiband
  • Length 5-13mm
  • Keep natural shape up to 5-8 uses with proper care and storage
  • Each box comes with one pair of lashes

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Jessica D.
They're soft and flexible. I never feel I'm wearing lashes and I use them every day. I've purchased two sets now cause these don't only look good for daily wear but also when you go out.
Dani B.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Milanté eyelashes are literally some of the best lashes I've ever bought, and I've been wearing falsies for 4 years. Great price and I can use them again and again and stay in great shape.
Suzie K.
I get so much compliments when I wear these. They look so natural people think its my own lashes. I love the applicator too! It makes applying my lashes so fast and easy. I'm usually very faithful to my favorite brands and so glad I game them a try. Will definitely purchase again and again and again.
Elizabeth M.
As a makeup artist I go through tons of lashes for my customers. I've never had one call me and ask where they can buy some more until I tried these. This brand is outstanding in quality, service and price. I love the packaging and recommend them to all my clients now.
Stephanie R.
I really love the way these eyelashes look in the box. They are beautiful. I was looking for some glam lashes to take on my recent trip to Las Vegas, and these did just the trick, they looked naturally glam without being too overdone. These are your best bet!


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