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Selecting the most flattering pair of falsies to compliment your eye shape can be a little intimidating.  The perfect pair of falsies can enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.  Falsies give the freedom to create any makeup look you want.  Lashes are an extension on the eye shape, and the best part about false lashes is that you can control the shape! We take the guesswork out of picking your falsies.  With the guide below you can find your next favorite pair of Human Hair and Mink Milanté Lashes.



SMALL EYES: Your goal is to elongate the eyes.  Natural lashes will make small eyes look wider.  This will add lift and length.    
We Recommend:    
Human Hair lashes: Racy, Mischievous                                                                
Mink Lashes: Tease, Exquisite, Chaotic



LARGE EYES:  Choose full voluminous lashes.  The thicker and heavers the lashes, the smaller eyes will look.


We Recommend:    
Human Hair lashes: Sultry, Sassy, Envious                                                            
Mink Lashes: Flirty, Exotic, Virtue


ROUND EYES:  Choose dramatic lashes that fan upwards and to make your eyes look more almond shaped.  Avoid thicker lashes that might make eyes look smaller.
















We Recommend

Human Hair Lashes: Envious, Sassy, Vixen, Sultry

Mink Lashes:  Exotic, Flirty, Seductive


ALMOND SHAPE EYES:  Most styles look gorgeous on almond shapes.  Lucky You! Lashes that flare outwards on the ends will give a cat-eye look.



We Recommend 

Human Hair Lashes:  Racy, Sultry, Mischievous, Frisky, Luscious, Vixen, Sassy, Envious

Mink Lashes:  Tease, Exotic, Exquisite, Chaotic, Virtue, Seductive, Flirty


HOODED EYES:  Medium to large length lashes in the middle will open eyes up. Falsies that have long and short strands will really open the eyes up. 



We Recommend

Human Hair Lashes:  Envious, Frisky, Vixen, Sultry

Mink Lashes:  Seductive, Virtue, Chaotic, Tease, Exquisite


MONOLIDS EYES:  Lashes with a lot of curl on the outer edge will enlarge and open eyes.  Full, criss-cross lashes are a great choice and will look voluminous.



We Recommend

Human Hair Lashes:  Envious, Vixen, Luscious, Frisky, Racy

Mink Lashes:  Chaotic, Exotic, Flirty, Virtue, Seductive


DEEP SET EYES:  Long lashes will create definition and can really lengthen the eyes.  To bring out the eyes, pick full voluminous lashes.



We Recommend

Human Hair Lashes:  Sassy, Envious, Vixen, Luscious, Sultry, Mischievous

Mink Lashes: Virtue, Flirty, Exotic, Seductive



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