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    Don’t be intimidated by lash application. With a little practice anyone can apply lashes like a pro. Our CRYSTALUXE EYELASH APPLICATOR is designed to make your application safe, easy and precise.

    1. Gently remove the lashes from the tray by placing your thumb on top of the lash and gently roll down the tray. Do not pinch or pull them off the tray. This may result in tearing and damaging the lashes.
    2. Flex lash band with your fingertips
    3. Trim lashes in width or length to suit your personal preference. Measure against your eye and if too long, using sharp scissors, snip a small section at a time.
    4. Place lashes inside CRYSTALUXE EYELASH APPLICATOR curved tip and hold gently.
    5. Apply one coat of adhesive to lash band and allow the glue to become tacky. Apply a second coat and allow to become tacky again.
    6. Position lash slightly above natural lash line, beginning at the inside corner of eye. Press gently across entire lash.