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Creating beautiful Milanté Lashes is not an easy task.  Each design is handmade from 100% premium quality sterillized hairs free from any chemical processing and dyes. The first step in this process is selecting the style patterns of the lash.  Each pattern and design is perfectly shaped to give a striking effect by trained technicians.  

Human Hair lashes are sterilized, hand combed and assembled to ensure quality and durability in every lash.  Each lash is threaded, knotted and feathered on a clear band and rolled around a metal tube.  The metal tube is baked to give the lashes its curl shape.  Lashes are then taken to the cutting table and hand cut with special cutting guides.  Finally they are ready to be placed in trays and packaging.  Ready for you to enjoy!

Mink lashes have a slightly different process.  The mink hairs are gently brushed from the animal during shedding season. They are then sterilized to make sure they are safe for use.  The hairs are cut and curled in the similar process as the human hair lashes and arranged by hand on special tape and cotton band to create the style and pattern.  Finally lashes are placed in trays, packaged and ready to go!



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