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Who is Milanté Beauty?

Online lash boutique located in Los Angeles, California. We are dedicated to supplying premium quality luxury lashes and lash essentials to professional makeup artists and makeup lovers everywhere.

What makes Milanté BEAUTY different from other lash companies?

Good question!  We don't just sell lashes.  We are a one stop shop for all your lash essentials.   On our website you will find:

  • Our own line of high quality human hair and mink fur lashes at a fraction of the price of other brands
  •  CRYSTALUXE eyelash curler and applicators exclusively designed for our brand.
  • Special formulated latex free strong hold lash glue
  • Exquisitely designed luxury lash case to organize and showcase your beautiful Milanté lash collection.

What if I don’t like my product? Can I return, exchange or get a refund?

Please see our Return, Refund, Exchange & Cancellation Policy.  

How much is Shipping?

Please keep in mind that once the package leaves our facility and you have received your tracking number, we are not responsible for lost or damaged items for domestic (US) and international orders.  

Standard Shipping $2.99 

 Free shipping on orders over $35.00

Processing your order may take 1-3 business days.

International shipping

Standard Shipping $9.99 (No tracking number)

Free shipping on orders over $50 (No tracking number)

Please keep in mind that customer will be responsible for all customs, duties and taxes to their country.  Delivery time will depend on your country's handling with customs.  We are unable to provide tracking number for international orders.  Once the package leaves our facility we are not responsible for lost or damaged items. Please visit www.dutycalculator.com for a list of duties and tax rates for your country.

How do I know which style will compliment my eye shape?

Please refer to our LASH STYLE GUIDE to find your favorite pair of falsies. Most styles will compliment any eye shape.

What is the difference between Human hair and Mink lashes?

Please refer to HUMAN HAIR VS MINK HAIR for full detail.

How do I apply Milanté Lashes?

Practice makes perfect! Our CRYSTALUXE LASH APPLICATOR will make your lash application easy and precise. Please refer to our HOW TO APPLY LASHES for full detail.

How do I curl my lashes?

Our beautiful CRYSTALUXE EYELASH CURLER specialty designed to curl lashes of any eye shape. Please refer to HOW TO CURL LASHES for more details.

How many styles of lashes do you offer?

In our collection we offer 8 custom designs Human Hair lashes and 7 custom design Mink lashes. Most styles will compliment any eye shape. Each style is designed to achieve a different look and for a different occasion.  Our LASH STYLE GUIDE will help you select your next favorite pair.

Who can use false eyelashes?

Everyone and anyone! False lashes are suitable for people of all ages.

What is Mink?

Mink hair has been collected during shedding season from live mink.  Milanté Lashes are made up of 100% natural mink fur free from any chemical processing or dyes and sterilized to ensure that it is hypoallergenic.  Mink lashes are the highest quality lashes in the market and can last up to 25 times with proper care.

Are your mink lashes cruelty-free?

Yes absolutely!  We wouldn't sell them if they weren't.  Milanté Lashes are made from 100% authentic mink fur.  The mink fur is collected from free-range zoos during the animals natural shedding process (Fall and Spring season).  During Shedding season the zookeepers collect the discharged hairs.  No harm done! 

Up to how many times can I use Milanté Mink lashes?

With proper care and storage, you can reuse your mink lashes up to 25 times. Please keep in mind that if you want your lashes to last you must be very gentle with them. Refer to HOW TO CLEAN and HOW TO STORE lashes page for further detail.

Up to how many times can I use Milanté Human hair lashes?

With proper care and storage, you can reuse your mink lashes from 5-8 times. Please keep in mind that if you want your lashes to last you must be very gentle with them. Refer to HOW TO CLEAN and HOW TO STORE lashes page for further detail.

How long are Milanté lashes?

Human Hair lashes range from 5-13mm and Mink Lashes range from 5-15mm.

How come your Mink lashes don't come in a luxury lash box?

Because luxury lash boxes are bigger and take up more room in your drawers.  We don't want to clutter your drawers with more lash boxes and encourage you to use our beautiful LUXELASH CASE to keep your lashes organized and your drawers clutter free!

I am allergic to latex, can I use your lash glue?

Absolutely! SUPER STRIP LASHBOND is the strongest latex free lash glue in the market. Our lash glue is latex, Formaldehyde, Paraben & Phthalate Free. Perfect for contact wearers and people with sensitive eyes.

Do you offer SUPER STRIP LASHBOND in black?

At this time we only have white lash glue in our collection. We feel that it is more versatile as it goes on white and dries clear.

Can I apply mascara on my Milanté Lashes or any sort of product?

No! Using mascara or any products will ruin them. You can use mascara before you apply your lashes. Please refer to HOW TO CLEAN LASHES for more detail.

How do you clean Milanté Lashes?

Please refer to our HOW TO CLAEAN LASHES for full detail.

Where do I store my Milanté Lashes?

COMING SOON! Our LUXELASH CASE is the perfect home for all your favorite lashes. You no longer need to clutter your drawers with lash boxes. LUXELASH CASE is exquisitely designed to hold up to 8 pairs of lashes. It has a mirror to apply lashes anywhere and compartment to hold your SUPER STRIP LASHBOND and CRYSTALUXE EYELASH APPLICATOR.

Where do I keep my LUXELASH CASE?

Our lash case is a beautiful addition to any vanity

How big is the LUXELASH CASE?

Measures: 8.5” x 5.6” x 1.1”


Our LUXELASH CASE has compartment for storing your lash glue.


Our LUXELASH CASE has compartment for storing your lash applicator.


No unfortunately the curler is too wide to fit inside the case.

Can I swim with my Milanté Lashes?

No, we do not recommend swimming in your Lashes. This can ruin the curl and style of the lash.

Can I sleep in my Milanté Lashes?

We do not recommend you sleep in your lashes.  This can cause serious problems for your eyes.  Lashes should always be taken off, properly cleaned and stored in a dry and dust free case before sleep.  

How do I measure and trim Milanté Lashes?

Measure lashes so that it fits the length of your natural lash line. Always trim from the outer end of the lash and not the inner.

Last time I paid $35 for my Mink lashes. Why are your prices so much lower than other brands in the market?

Not everyone can afford $35 for a pair Mink of lashes! At Milanté BEAUTY we are dedicated to providing the same premium quality lashes and accessories as other high-end companies do but at a fraction of the price! Our prices are much lower because we can negotiate better with our vendors to get the best prices for you!

How to receive update on sales, promotions and coupons?

  • Please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page for email updates on discount codes, sales, promotions, new products and more!
  • Write a review on the items you purchased and you will receive a coupon code for 10% OFF on your next order.
  • Sign up for our LOYALTY PROGRAM to receive discounts on your purchase, referrals and sharing our products on your social media.
Where can I purchase your products?

Currently we sell our products on our website and Amazon.

Would you like to carry our luxury items in your retail stores?

We would love that!  Please fill out our WHOLESALE INQUIRY FORM.

 I am interested in being an Affiliate for your company.  

That's great!  Please go to our homepage under Pro MUA and fill out form for our affiliate program.  Within a few day you will hear back from us.

What are the perks of being a Milanté BEAUTY Affiliate?  

  • Be the first to know about new products
  • Special 10% coupon code for your audience
  • Be featured on our emails, social media and website
  • Receive 20% coupon code of our entire collection

My question is not on this list. So now what!

Please feel free to go to our CONTACT page and email us any questions you may have. We will get back to you in a timely manner.






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