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Milanté Beauty is looking for passionate, driven individuals to join our amazing freelance sales team! This opportunity is perfect for anyone who has sales experience in the cosmetic industry or makeup artists who like to sell products they use on their clients. Make some extra cash doing what you already love to do!  

Here's how it works:

    1. Every business must have inventory!  Purchase Milanté Products and put together a kit for yourself to showcase your favorite Milanté products.  You will receive 20% off any items you purchase for your kit.  
    2. Set your own hours.
    3. Sell to your clients, friends, family, salons or your social media followers.  
    4. For every sales made you receive 20% commission.  
    5. Email us your orders and we will ship the merchandise to your customers. 
    6. Your customers will receive free shipping for orders over $35. 
    7. At the end of the month your payment will be made via Paypal.  
    8. For salon or business orders wholesale pricing is available with minimum orders of $299.  You must make sure the businesses you sell to has a resale license in order to provide wholesale pricing. 
    9. At the end of the year we will issue you a 1099 form for your taxes.
It's that easy!

Spots are limited.  For more information contact us at