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Most women would love to have long voluminous lashes. Although strip lashes are a great option, many opt for eyelash extensions instead. Lash extensions are very expensive and require regular maintenance. Your first visit will take 2 hours and cost around $250 and require $50 touchups every 3 weeks. They are beautiful but that can come at a price. Eyelash extensions are single synthetic fibers (nylon, silk or mink fibers) glued one by one with tweezers to natural eyelashes by professional technicians. The glue used contains formaldehyde-based adhesives. The adhesives and solvents (used to remove lashes) can cause allergic reactions and carry a risk of bacterial and fungal infection.

Eyelash extensions have also can cause irritation to the conjunctiva or cornea. The irritation can be caused by contact from the lashes or hypersensitivity to the chemicals used to attach them. Applying lash extensions can weigh down the eyelids and cause the hair follicle to stop growing which will result in temporary or permanent loss of natural lashes.

The verdict: Lash extensions pose great health risks to eyes and may cause permanent damage. Strip lashes are a much better option and come in variety of styles and sizes.

Please visit www.milantebeauty.com for our premium collection of human hair and Mink Fur lashes.  Milanté Lashes are sterilized and free from any chemical processing or dyes.  

Milanté SUPER STRIP LASHBOND is Latex, Formaldehyde, Paraben and Phthalate Free.

 LUXURY LASH CASE to store and organize your collection and crystal embellished eyelash APPLICATOR and CURLER.

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