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If there is one thing all women wished they had is long voluminous lashes. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be born that way. Luckily that’s how false lashes were born.

In 1911, a Canadian woman named Anna Taylor received a U.S. patent for the artificial eyelash. By 1916 actress named Seena Owen wore false lashes made by the studio wigmaker to make her eyes sparkle and look bigger while filming the movie ‘Intolerance.’

At first, false eyelashes were made of fringe. Fringe eyelashes were carefully interwoven with gauze and attached to thread and glue this to the eyelids. The lashes were very thick, long, did not look natural and only lasted a few hours.

In 1930’s false eyelashes were commonly used and came in a variety of lengths. They were applied in salons and only the wealthy and celebrities could afford them.

By the 1960’s False eyelashes were the fashion accessory for both upper and lower lashes and came on a long strip that you would have to cut to length.

In 2006, Japan introduced a technique named lash-by-lash which individual clusters of false lashes was attached in between natural lashes with adhesive. This secured the lashes and made them look more natural. A material that looked like sable and mink’s fur replaced the fringe.

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